Sun Yue

Sun Yue

I was born in inner Mongolia in China. I love nature. My first experience with identifying plants was in my childhood when I needed to find some food for my rabbits. I studied biology at the University of Science and Technology of China. At that time, I found plants were my favorite. Then I went to the Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology of Chinese Academy of Science for my PhD degree. I did research about leaf development regulation using Arabidopsis as research material and got a PhD in genetics. Because I felt my knowledge about plants was still very limited, I applied for a job in the East China Normal University which has one of the best plant taxonomy departments in China.

At the beginning, I studied an Arabidopsis auxin metabolism mutant uro (upright rosette). Later I thought I needed a simpler research system. Through Prof. Wang Youfang and Prof. Zhu Ruiliang, I became aware of bryophytes and the first moss model plant Physcomitrella. In order to learn research methods of Physcomitrella, I went to Prof. Ralf Reski’s lab in Freiburg University in Germany and Prof. Hasebe’s lab in the Institute for Basic Biology in Japan. With their assistance I set up a well working moss culture and study system in Shanghai.

I am very interested in the developmental process of mosses. Several other mosses besides Physcomitrella are cultured in my lab. One of them is Sphagnum. After carefully observation and a lot of attempts, my lab set up methods for culturing Sphagnum protonema and protoplast isolation. Further molecular biology study methods are tested in my lab also. We found that Sphagnum is quite different from other mosses especially its thalloid protonema stage during its early development.

Currently, my major research interests are focused on the early developmental stages of mosses including Sphagnum and Physcomitrella. I hope to find some developmental clues about the transition of higher plants onto land.


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