Bryological Times

The Bryological Times was founded in 1980 by S. W. Greene (1928-1989) as a newsletter published for the IAB.

The Bryological Times is currently published twice a year and contains items of interest to all bryologists. It includes a variety of columns expressing current thoughts in the field, reports of IAB meetings, news and notes, personalia, reviews of recent publications, a diary of future meetings and workshops, and information on computer developments. Contributions from bryologists across the world and fields are welcome.

The Bryological Times was previously edited by S.W. Greene (numbers 1–50; 1980-1989), S.R. Gradstein (51–70; 1989-1992),  L. Hedenäs & L. Söderström (71–85; 1993-1995), L. Söderström, H. Weibull & T. Hedderson (86–105; 1996-2002), G. Raeymaekers (106–127; 2002-2009), D. Poli (128–141; 2009–2016), J. Atwood (142–146; 2016–2018), and Patrick Dalton (147–151; 2018–2020). The current editor is David Meagher.

Archived issues as well as the latest issue are available through this page.

For more info contact:

Editor, David Meagher, Contact: ca151502(at)
Associate Editor, Mereia Tabua, Contact: mereia.tabua(at)