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The International Association of Bryologists welcomes you.

Conferences & workshops. The Association shall meet biennially, including if possible at each International Botanical Congress.

Our newsletter.  The Bryological Times: Members receive a great digital bi-yearly newsletter.  The newsletter welcomes announcements and summaries of bryological conferences, workshops, research and field trips; book reviews and notices of publications; and original articles, artwork and photography.

Our flagship journal.  Bryophyte Diversity & Evolution: members gain open access to the journal Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution. This is a peer-reviewed, international journal seeks to rapidly disseminate publications on the diversity and evolution of Bryophyta.  It was previously published under the title Tropical Bryology (1989–2013).

Supporting web services & communication. Your support contributes to improving web facilities. Bryonet is also a service of The International Association of Bryologists (IAB).

Supporting awards & prizes. Your support contributes to financial awards to students to help increase student participation and young scientists, conservation awards, and a number of regular student prizes and awards offered by IAB (Awards & Grants).