Raising the profile of women in bryology

To celebrate the 7th International Day of Women and Girls in Science, IAB sends an invitation to all those who identify as women in bryology. The theme this year for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science is “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Water Unites Us” and to put a slight twist on it for this launch we have  re-themed it: “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Bryology Unites Us”. Our celebration for this day is the beginning of a project to raise the profile of women in bryology by posting online biographies of women across the globe who are involved in bryology. Please check out the IAB website to see our first contributors, written in both English and their native language.

Biographies: Jessica Beever · Juçara Bordin · Kirsten Coe · Daniella Damm · Joanne Denyer · Alison Downing · Jenna Ekwealor · Stella Fish · Virginia Freire · Janice Glime · Ida Haerida · Alison Haynes · Patricia Herrera-Paniagua · Mélanie Jean · Amelia Merced · Catalina Montoya Molina · Ariadna Ibarra-Morales · Janejaree Inuthai · Gaik Ee Lee · Pina Milne · Ainun Nadhifah · Jessica Paull · Nonkululo Phephu · Martina Pöltl · Nirmala Pradhan · Aimee Pritchard · Helen Ramsay · Catherine Reeb · María Victoria Ríos Gálvez ·Yoira Rivera Queralta · Kathrin Rousk · Andrea Sass-Gyarmati · Mandy Slate · Phiangphak Sukkharak · Mereia Tabua · Obchant Thaithong · Marianne Worley · Sun Yue

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