Nirmala Pradhan

Nirmala Pradhan

Nirmala Pradhan, Professor of Botany and a reputed bryologist started her bryophyte research about three and half decades back when there were almost no one working on this lower plant group in Nepal. Dr. Pradhan who was born in Kathmandu started her bryophyte research when she was doing her Master’s dissertation on this plant in Kathmandu Mountains. Very little research and lack of relevant literature on Nepalese bryophytes was the main problem that time which attracted her to initiate this research on these plants of Nepal. Her extensive studies across the country added several new records and also contributed with several research papers and three books which now are significant sources of references for students and bryophyte researchers in the country. She also has contributed significantly for the establishment of a bryophyte section at the Natural History Museum in Kathmandu which possibly is the largest collection of this plant group in the country. Her PhD research revealed the diversity of this plant group below 1000 m of elevations across this Himalayan country.

Dr. Pradhan also worked on Nepalese specimens of bryophytes deposited at the British Museum of Natural History for a few months under the Darwin Initiative Program and brought out a book on Materials for a Checklist of Bryophytes of Nepal which was published by the British Museum, UK. Her next book, Bryophytes: Collection, Preservation and Identification (Reference to Nepal) was published by the Department of Plant Resources in 2018 and recently the book entitled A Handbook of the Bryophytes of Nepal Vol. I (2021) was also published by the same Department of Nepal Government.  She has been credited with more than three dozen research papers and many feature and popular articles published in the leading newspapers and magazines.

Biography in Nepali language

Vanaspati vijñ?nak? pr?dhy?paka ?? nirmal? pradh?nak? janma k??ham??aumm? bha’?k? h?. Vanaspati vijñ?nam? uh?m?k? pahil?d?khi nai ruci bha’?k? hum?d? sn?tak?ttara adhyayana uh?m?l? vanaspati ??stram? nai sampanna garnubhay?. Uh?m?k? sa-s?n? sam?hak? vanaspatihar? kh?sagar? jhy?’u praj?tiharum? ba?h? ruc? rah?k? hum?d? sn?tak?ttara taham? garin? anusandh?nam? pani uh?m?l? k??ham??au?k? pah??am? p?’in? yast? s?n? jhy?’u praj?tik? vanaspatiharul?’? nai ?phn? anusandh?nak? vi?aya ban?’unu bhay?. Yasa s?n? praj?tik? vanaspatiharub?r? anusandh?na tath? yasasambandh? l?khahar?k? dh?rai abh?va rah?k? thiy?. Uh?m?l? tribhuvana vi?vavidy?laya antargatak? pr?kr?tika vijñ?na sa?grah?layam? rah? kariba 35 var?a bhand? ba?h? yasai br?y?ph?’i?? sam?hak? vanaspatiharum? anusandh?na k?rya garnubhay? ra h?la pani s? k?rya j?ri nai cha. Uh?m?l? h?lasam’ma ?ph?l? anusandh?na gar?k? ?dh?ram? t?na darjanabhand? ba?h? anusandh?n?tmaka l?khaharu tath? t?nava?? pustakaharu prak??ana garisaknubha’?k? cha. Yasai nimnastar?ya vanaspatik? vibhinna pak?aharul?’? li’?ra dh?rai s?dh?ra?a l?khaharu pani prak??ana garnubha’?k? cha. Pr?kr?tika vijñ?na sa?grah?laya m? uh?m?l? pahil?c??i br?y?ph?’i?? praj?tik? vanaspatiharuk? ?’u?? chu??ai ??kh? vist?ra garnubhay? juna n?p?lak? sabaibhand? ba?h? yasa sam?hak? vanaspatihar?k? sa?kalanak? k?ndra rah?k? cha. Yasab??a dh?rai vidy?rth? tath? anusandh?nakart?haru l?bh?nvita bha’?k? chan. Uh?m?l? prak??ana garnubha’?k? l?khaharu dh?raik? l?gi anusandh?na sr?ta ban?k? cha. Samudra satahab??a ?ka haj?ra mi?arak? uc?’? bhand? kama sth?nam? rah?k?? n?p?lak? dak?i?? tar?’? bh?kam? p?’in? yasa br?y?ph?’i?? vanaspatihar?m? uh?m?k? vidy?v?ridhi bha’?k? thiy? ra yasa anusandh?nal?’? ?’u?? mahatvap?r?a rupam? li’?k? cha. Uh?m?l? prakr?tika bijñ?na sa?rah?laya, b?l?yatam? ??rvina inisi’??iba y?jan? antargata n?p?lak? br?y?ph?’i?? sambandh? anusandh?na k?ryaharu pani garnubhay? ra yasasambandh? ?’u?? pustaka pani tyah?m?b??a prak??ana garnubha’?k? thiy?. S? b?h?ka ??, pradh?nal? yasai bi???a sambandhita an’ya du’? pustakahar? pani n?p?la sarak?rak? vanaspati anusandh?na k?ndrab??a prak??ana garnubhay?.


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