Janejaree Inuthai

Janejaree Inuthai

Workplace: Department of Biotechnology
Faculty of Science and Technology
Thammasat University, Thailan
Tel.: (+66) 89-659-4337
E-mail: j.inuthai@gmail.com, jinuthai@staff.tu.ac.th

I was born in 1985, in Songkhla province, which is located on the eastern coast of peninsular Thailand. I grew up playing outside in rich natural environments. I am interested in exploring the forests and its enormous diversity is endlessly fascinating and beautiful.

I realized that each species has its role in nature, even bryophytes. Even though they are very tiny, they are still amazing. So, I decided to study Biology for my Bachelor’s degree, and started to study bryophytes when I was in third year under the encouragement, help and guidance of my advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sahut Chantanaorrapint. My senior project topic was “Preliminary surveys on bryophytes of terrestrial plant community on coastal sandbars in peninsula of Thailand”.

I love to investigate the variations of their morphological characters. I feel that exploring the small and beautiful structures of bryophytes are very interesting. They not only play a very important role in the environment in terms of biological factors, but they are also home for other small organisms. So, their diversity and ecological roles need attention.

I studied the diversity of vascular plants for my Master’s degree for a broader experience, then, I worked on bryophytes again for my Ph.D. My thesis topic was “A taxonomic study of the genus Drepanolejeunea (Spruce) Steph. (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Thailand and Malay Peninsula” I received the B.Sc. in Biology, the M.Sc. in Botany, and Ph.D. in Biology from Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand, in 2008, 2010 and 2016, respectively.

I joined the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Thaksin University, as a lecturer in 2014-2015. Since May 2017, I am a lecturer in Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University.

My current research interests include plant morphology and taxonomy, particularly in the leafy liverwort genus Drapanolejeunea. Only a few women are studying on bryophytes in Thailand. I am very proud to be one of them. It comes with many opportunities and challenges. Because the bryophytes are a little known group of plants in the country, so many people are still curious about them. I am always happy to have a chance for telling others how special these tiny plants are. I would love to say “beauty is all around for those who are looking for”.

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