IAB 2019 Election Outcome

IAB 2019 Election Outcome

Dear IAB members,

IAB recently held 2019 elections to fill the presidency, vice-presidency, secretary-treasurer, and several council officer positions. The election was a success in terms of voter participation with 174 members casting a vote. 

Before I share the outcome of the elections, I want to thank all candidates for their willingness to be on the ballot, and thereby their commitment to serve IAB. I also wish to express my gratitude to the election committee (Isabel Draper, chair), Jeff Duckett and Matt von Konrat) for setting up the election and to Catherine Reeb and Kien Thai Yong for counting the votes. Finally, I will take this opportunity to thank those officers whose term was ending, for their service over the last four years: Bernard Goffinet (President), Lars Söderström (Vice President), Matt von Konrat (Secretary Treasurer), Jeff Duckett (Past President), Claudine Ah-Peng, Denise Pinheiro da Costa, Juan Larrain, and Michael Stech (council members).

The outcome of the election is as follows:

President (2019-2023): Bernard Goffinet

Vice-President 2 (2019–2023): David Long.

Secretary-Treasurer (2019–2025): Matt von Konrat

Council members (2019–2023): Juan Larrain, Rafaël Medina, Michelle Price and Lars Söderström.

As President of IAB, I am delighted to welcome these new or returning members for the tremendous experience, enthusiasm and commitment they bring to the governing body of IAB. I am looking forward to working with them and the ongoing members in achieving our objectives for 2021, in promoting and advocating for bryology. Please here for the full members of the council.


Bernard Goffinet

President of IAB