YuFeng Yang

YuFeng Yang

Born and raised in Taiwan, I have loved plants since childhood. At college, biology was my first choice. After graduating, I continued my studies in graduate school with Prof. Shan-Hsiung Lin, who was the professor teaching plants and the leading moss expert in Taiwan. Under his guidance, Plagiochila was my research topic at that time.

I like taking my kids to the mountains. I hope they would love nature as much as I do. In the mountains, I got to see many different mosses and liverworts. I took photos of them and shared them with the community. Later, I became a member of the Bryological Society of Taiwan and helped organize many activities to assist people in learning about bryophytes.

I started cultivating mosses in 2013 by harvesting them from the mountains and bringing them home to plant. However, because their growing environment was different, it didn’t go well at first. Many people try to grow mosses harvested from the mountains but fail for the same reason. Over time, with more experience, I learned that different mosses have different needs. I started to succeed in culturing mosses. To share my experiences, I started up my own moss community (Moss Lovers Club) on Facebook and taught people how to grow them properly. I encourage people to harvest mosses from their neighborhood instead of harvesting them in the mountains. It would not only greatly help the balance of ecology but also increase their survival rate when properly planted.

I also tried to grow mosses in a more environmentally friendly way. For that, I did experiments with many different mediators, such as reversing osmosis filtration centers, air cleaner filters, burlap gloves, and even stockings. I shared all these experiments results with the community and attracted more people to join us over time. Surprisingly, the community now has more than 50,000 members. As the founder, I am very happy to see more people who like mosses and want to learn more knowledge about them.

So far, I have more than 20 species growing on my balcony. Without realizing it, they have now become an integral part of my life. I do not consider myself an expert on mosses, but I hope to continue to be one of those who keep promoting bryophyte education to everyone.

Anyone can grow mosses by self-learning. This is what I believe and will continue doing in the future.

Medium Moss School: https://daintsuoh.medium.com/

Facebook Community Moss Lovers Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/227535094403265/

Instagram Moss Lovers: https://www.instagram.com/moss_lovers_in_taiwan/

Instagram Bryophyte Taiwan: https://www.instagram.com/bryophyte_taiwan/