IAB Stanley Greene award 2023

The International Association of Bryologists is pleased to announce it is now accepting research proposals in bryology for the Stanley Greene Award. The award will be presented during the International Association of Bryologists meeting in Madrid, Spain in 2019. The award committee is chaired by the Secretary-Treasurer (Dr. Matt von Konrat), and four members that were appointed by the IAB council, Dr. Claudine Ah-Peng, Dr. Annick Lang, Dr. Denise da Costa, and Dr. Masanobu Higuchi. Below are details outlining the award and proposals. Previous recipients can be seen at: http://bryology.org/get_involved/awards-grants/

Only current members of IAB are eligible to apply.

Dates: Committee accepting proposals January 01, 2019. Deadline : Friday, May 03, 2019, 12 pm GMT.

Format: The proposal should contain: a clear description of project; its objectives and methods; a budget; the expected outputs; the broader significance of the project. Students should join a letter from their advisor confirming their student status. The proposal must be no longer than two pages (not including references).

Maximum award amount: $1,500 USD.

Adjudication: The following will be considered, but not limited to, in evaluating proposals: innovation, feasibility, suitability of proposed project, appropriate budget, clear and concise proposal (clear objectives, methods, etc.) and and broader impact, or broader significance. The award will be given in priority to young bryologists (MSc, PhD) submitting a proposal for research in Bryology.

Any questions contact Matt von Konrat (mvonkonrat@fieldmuseum.org)

PDF format only, 2 pages maximum (not including references)