IAB election 2021

Instructions: The following is the official ballot paper for the positions vice president and councilors of the International Association of Bryologists. Voting closes on June 1, 2021.

Please select one candidate for the position of Vice President, and up to FIVE candidates for the position of Council Member.

The IAB council adopted a by-law (see our constitution) aimed at ensuring broad geographic representation of the IAB council. To this end we recognize the following regions: North America (including Mexico), Europe (including Russia), Asia, Central & South America, Africa & Middle East, Australasia (including the islands of the South Pacific). To accommodate the goal of maintaining broad geographical representation across the six regions, the ballot paper for Council Member is composed of two parts: Part A to fill region specific seats, and Part B to complete the election with region-free candidates.

You can hover over the candidate’s name and access their biosketch or download the compiled biosketches of candidates per position.

Please select ONE candidate for the open position of vice president.

Please select up to FIVE candidates for the position of council member. 

Thank you for being part of IAB and making this a successful process.