IAB election 2019

Instructions: The following is the official ballot paper for the positions of president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and council members of the International Association of Bryologists. Please vote by June 30, 2019. Note that if you navigate between the pdf statements of nominees and the ballot, and return to the ballot, any selection will be lost and the order of nominees randomized. We suggest downloading the combined pdf for each position prior to selecting nominees. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Please select ONE candidate for president. [pdf of candidates for President]

Please select ONE candidate for the open position of vice president. [pdf of candidates for Vice-President]

Please select ONE candidate for the open position of secretary-treasurer. [pdf of candidates for Secretary-Treasurer]

Please select up to FOUR candidates for the position of council member. Please note we have 25 nominees, but only 4 open positions. When considering your selection for council member, you may wish to consult current members to make sure we receive strong geographical coverage. If you vote for more than 4 candidates your vote will be invalid. [pdf of candidates for Council]

The individual biosketch for each candidate is available as a pdf; click on their names to access it.

Thank you for being part of IAB and making this a successful process.